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Copyright 2006 FEGA (Photo taken by Norbert Puechl via stcok.xchng)

Copyright 2006 FEGA (Photo taken by Norbert Puechl via stock.xchng)

I found myself at loose ends several weekends back. In between the huge dents I made in the mountains of work, I’d set aside some free time to write. I had been hoping to get into a fun bit of shared fiction. Alas, the rest of the world appeared to be spending that particular weekend away from their computers, and I’d written Lizzy into a spot where she was dependant on other characters’ actions. Hrm.

I looked around my desk at all the work I could be doing to get a leap on Monday morning. (Understand, we’d just spent the preceding two days working, which in the real world would be considered overtime, but when you own a business is just “clean-up”.) The last thing I wanted to do on a lazy Sunday morning was more work.

 Everyone else was still asleep, and I was sitting in front of my laptop with a cup of hot chai. At a loss, I started thinking, “What do I do when I’m alone?” (I can’t hear, think, say or even see that sentence without humming and singsonging to myself, “Well sometimes I sing a little song.“) It made me smile, and I ended up putting on the childhood records I still have here in my office. Yes, I still listen to them now and again, and I probably always will. Story records were a huge part of my growing up.

Living in the north and not being allowed to watch TV except for weekends or special occasions, I had to get creative with my entertainment options. Winters in particular were full of free time, because I could only handle so much time outside in the cold. Instead I spent most of my time in my bedroom reading and listening to records.

It started out with story records, the kind that narrated all the classic fairy tales and Disney stories. I’d spend hours listening to the tales of Pandora, Ali Baba and Sinbad. Later I moved on to Mum’s original cast Broadway musical albums, stories of a different kind, but still stories. I literally wore out Camelot and My Fair Lady, and now I don’t remember the words that should be there in the places where my records skip.

So I spent the morning listening to musical stories and relaxing. Apparently I relive my childhood when I’m alone. What do you do when you find yourself alone with nothing more pressing to do than sing yourself a little song? ;)


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